Hello. I’m a San Diego artist and comic. Welcome to my website.

Photo by the amazing  Cameron Derby Photography

Photo by the amazing Cameron Derby Photography



I am a painter, video editor, and general creative-type.

My primary medium for art is oil pastel, which is like an oil paint in a crayon form. It’s a toss up for whether the correct terminology to use for oil pastels is ‘painting’ or ‘drawing,’ but I usually say painting because of how the end product looks. Most of my paintings have been made specifically for a person so my inspiration usually comes from who that person is. I love how bright and saturated the oil pastels are and even with over a decade of painting with oil pastels, I still can’t predict exactly how the painting will look after it’s completed, which makes painting each composition exciting throughout the whole process.

I’m very fortunate to have been able to work with so many other creative people, especially musicians, since moving to San Diego in 2012.
Over the past few years, I’ve worked with tribute bands, cover bands, original bands, and booking agencies to create digital content. I’ve created video projects like music videos and promo videos to graphic design projects like one sheets and event posters.

Most recently, I started painting a series of murals at Rock and Roll San Diego that are all based on classic rock songs or albums. Each mural is a full-coverage painitng on the outside of a rehearsal room door. What can I say, this project is awesome.

Every now and then I also get the chance to do one-off creative projects, like painting canvas shoes or putting together a magazine of my art and writing.
I’d love to work with you if you have an idea!


Am I really a local, San Diego comic outside of being an artist? Yes.
Are my parents thrilled that I have a college degree that I’ll be paying off for the rest of my life and this is how I choose to spend my life? Probably not.
But that should be an easy to figure out, I went to college after all.

My first time on stage was in August 2015 and I loved it! But ya know, sometimes life gets in the way, so there was a 2 year hiatus that happened shortly after.

On September 25th, 2018, I was back on stage.

There’s not much to say in this part of my bio besides I love comedy. I love telling jokes. I love making people laugh. You get it.

Check out my events calendar to see when I’ll be on stage next!